Thursday, April 19, 2012

What is in a name?

Our cool project for the week was our lesson in Everyday Math, the number name bracelets. Imagine you can find a collection of those colorful pony beads at a garage sale for a quarter and your class can turn them into the most beautiful thing ever! They were fun to make and aside from that our kids really started to think about all the groups that you can use to make a number. They choose either to make a set of 8, 9, 10, or 11. Then they added their beads and we helped to twist them into magnificent jewelry. Next we drew all the different number groups to show our number. This is where the name comes in. A number has many names, you can demonstrate it's value by using craft sticks, pictures, money, tens and ones, beads, tally marks and even number sentences. This was a great way to explore the name of a number by using groups. I was able to see that most of us are on our way to understanding how to break apart and put together a number. On the list next: addition and subtraction!!!

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