Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Weather and Playground Rules

This week in kindergarten, we spent time outside practicing safe play on the playground.
Rules we reviewed:
Walk to our locker and quietly get our winter gear.
Zip our coats before we go outside, if we need help find it.
Walk outside.
Play in the safe areas following the rules.
When the recess rings, line up as soon as you can.
Wait in line in your own bubble until it's your class' turn to go in.

Speaking of winter gear!
Rules of the Pence Playground for when the snow flies:
All children must wear boots and snow pants to be able to play in the snow.
Often the blacktop is cleared so if you forget your gear you will be expected to stay on the blacktop.
If your child often wears boots to school now, you will still need to provide a second pair of inside shoes. For example I ofen wear my brown furry boots to school but if I have duty I change into snow boots so my feet stay warm and dry and our carpet stays clean and safe.

If you have questions please contact me at school!

Next week I will be blogging more about popcorn words aka sight words and how to help your child work on word families!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Sounds!

We have practiced all week and our performance is is ready to be shared! This is my first video blog attempt so hopefully it is a success!
The kids had to listen as the teacher read the Thanksgiving Story. Certain words had a motion or noise that they performed when they heard that word.

Hope you enjoy! We sure did!
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday and family time!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quarter 2 and some reminders!

It sure has been a quick week. Now that we have started quarter 2 here are some reminders and info for the up and coming weeks:
Book Orders go home Friday and are due Nov. 18.
No School Wednesday November 23, Thursday November 24, and Friday November 25. Staff will have meetings on Wednesday and we hope you all enjoy time with your families and friends on the break.
Keep working on letter naming and sounds.
Keep practicing numbers and counting.
Thank you for attending your child's conferences! I enjoyed chatting with you about your child!
Have a great fall weekend!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

No School Friday

Just a reminder that there will not be school tomorrow! We have worked hard all week review our sight words/popcorn words, I, see, and my. Next week we will be working on like. I am pleased with all the progress we have made! It is so fun to see their eyes light up when they figure something new out.

Have a great, long weekend! We will be back refreshed for more fun and learning next week!

Don't forget to Fall Back with your clocks on Saturday Night!