Friday, October 28, 2011

A wild and fun week!

Sadly this week has gone too quickly! We have had a great week finishing up some new sight words and reviewing the color words. Report cards will be completed and ready for parent's eyes.
Please be sure to sign up for conferences!

I will be calling around Monday afternoon and so far I have 12 parents signed up so there are lots of open times or spots. If these nights do not work, I can meet after school or another time!

Civic Center Field Trip:
Today we loaded the who Pence Elementary on buses and rode down to the Civic Center to see Mark Twain on stage! Mrs. Sandbothe even was able to go on stage and sing with the man himself! There will probably be pictures and video circulating soon! See the link for the show times tonight!
We also were able to celebrate Fall by decorating mini pumpkins that were grown on the Haverly Farm located in Goldfield Iowa, where I grew up. The kids seemed to enjoy this as a fun afternoon treat!

We also want to thank Miss Briana for visiting us and helping us first quarter. She was our high school school to work helper!

In the flurry of the week, please keep on reading! We are almost at week 4 of our fall reading incentive. So far our class has made the goal by one slip each week. It would be awesome if all of us could return our slips next Tuesday!

On a final note school will dismiss early Nov. 1 and Nov. 3 for conferences and there will not be school on Friday Nov. 4. I am looking forward to meeting with you and I will see you soon!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Day At Jefferson County Park!

We spent the morning at Jefferson County Park today! We used our 5 senses as tools to explore nature and how the season has changed. Each child created a palate of leaves as we explored the trails. Children ran across the swinging bridge and collected nuts to sample!

As we started back to school the kids asked when lunch was and if it was time to rest! We really wore ourselves out and worked up an appetite with all that exploring! It was a great trip! 
Line up for an adventure of the 5 Senses!

Looking for nuts!

Collecting a leaf collage.

Listening intently!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Skills we are working on!

Two friends playing Spin the Number

We have settled into a great routine, just in time for the teachers to be thinking about report cards and conferences!
Here are some things we have been working on and things you could work on at home!

Numbers: We played Spinning Numbers, a game where partners spin a paperclip/pencil spinner and identify the number of spaces they move on the game board. This was a favorite game and we ended up playing it over and over for about 30 min. The idea is to get to the end first, however we try not to say winner or loser, just whoever gets to the end starts the new game next time!

Other things we have been working on: Naming all 26 alphabet letters, uppercase and lowercase. This is different than singing the ABC song, a child that can name and produce the sounds of all the letters is ready to start reading!
Guided Reading Groups have started, each day I work with 2 groups on a variety of pre-reading skills. Allie Alligator and Ollie Owl remind us of 2 important things! Ask your child to remember what they remind us of! Look for upcoming pictures of these characters and more!

Thank You to all parents who are trying out the homework at home! There will be a weekly poem activity usually sent home on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. There will also be a School-Home Link on golden paper. Plus keep reading for the school's reading incentive! We met our classroom goal so the prizes could be sent out on Wed. We earned cool notebooks and pencils that were out of this world!

Reminder: Field Trip next Friday Oct. 21. We will be going to Jefferson County Park for just the morning. Please dress your child in the appropriate clothing!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Numbers Numbers Everywhere!

As our Kindergarten classrooms have finished up a unit in math, we complete our unit end projects. For this unit we are practicing our phone numbers and addresses. Wednesday we went on a number walk to explore our neighborhoods and see where all the numbers are that help us in our lives! We all enjoyed using the clipboards and sharing with partners to write house numbers and phone numbers and license plates that we saw. We made our walk around the full block of Pence and it was a great learning experience for students and teacher alike. Mrs. Sandbothe realized that some of us are confusing numbers with letters still! The kids practiced writing numbers!