Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guided Drawing: Pete the Cat

Kindergarten recently read Pete the Cat, as seen on last week's blog! This week we brainstormed using concept maps to see what else Pete the Cat could step in to turn his shoes a different color!

 Concept Map to brainstorm ideas!

We also wanted to draw Pete so I used simple shapes to create a guided drawing of Pete the Cat. Especially at the beginning of the year I always hear, "but I can't draw that". I try to describe how to draw using shapes. For Pete's body we drew an oval, then a circle for a head. Next we used pointed mountains to make ears. We added rectangle legs, oval shoes, a long curly tail and the kids added eyes and a nose and a mouth! It was a success! 

Mrs. Sandbothe's Guided Drawing of Pete the Cat!

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