Friday, October 18, 2013

Jefferson County Park on a sunny day!

Thursday we went to Jefferson County Park! It was a great day to explore our scientific side using our senses and to talk about how leaves change colors in the fall. Therese does such a great job catching our attention and teaching us new ideas. We even found a king snake on our nature walk and many kids wanted to touch and hold it.
Quarter 1 is winding down already! I have almost completed our assessments and checklists and I am really looking forward to seeing parents again at conferences. Please visit for a quick tutorial on how to sign up for conferences. If you need help please call Mrs. Winslow in our office at Pence. 15 min. is a very short time to talk about your child's progress so please come prepared with questions if you have any! Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reading Stamina!

Wow the weeks have gone so quickly! It is apple time, please call and send apples for next Friday, Sept. 27th. We also need snack in KS! Please send a healthy snack cereal, crackers, pretzels etc make good choices. We have been working on finishing up some of our tests and we are getting on with our routine. I am most impressed with how the kids have worked on their stamina, or their ability to stay at a task for a period of time. We are up to 7 min. at read to self, one of 5 Daily centers we work at. See if you can find our readers!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Center Stamina!

In our classroom we have started working our our stamina for Daily 5 Centers, which are literacy based centers done twice daily! This week we are focused on learning how to use the listen to reading center on our own. The other groups are using puzzles, magnet blocks, sorting games, and rainbow writing. We are up to 13 minutes at center time and each day we will add more time. Eventually there will be a meet with teacher group and in this group we will work on are reading skills. We are also building our stamina reading to self! We are up to 4 minutes and each day we are getting stronger. Ask your child how many ways there are to read a book! In math we will start centers next week. This week we are focused on our daily math journals and calendar binders! So far we are working on writing our numbers in the date form and keeping track of the weather in a weather graph! Book orders went home today! Each month you have the option of ordering online or sending a your order in with a check to Mrs. Sandbothe! This year is off to a great start now that we have cooled down the temperature a bit! I will be making a few calls a day to contact you about how your student is doing! These are not calls for concern! These will be calls for celebrations I notice daily! See how hard we are working in our centers!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What is going on!

Wow, spring break was really over? It has been a busy time and it's about to get busier here in Kindergarten. We had special visitors before we left for break 2 weeks ago! Joel's mom and dad came to share a story and a treat. They were spreading awareness for Down Syndrome. The story they read was very informational and we talked about how we treat all people with respect. Kindergarten will be taking a field trip on April 12 to Jefferson County Park. Lunches will need to be packed and sent to school. Please send your child in old shoes and warm clothes in case the morning is chilly. May 9th we will be getting on a bus and riding to The Children's Museum in Iowa City. I need about 3 parents who could go and be in charge of a small group of kids. Please email or send a note if you are able to attend. I will pick the first responders! The last months of school really fly and I am so proud of how much we have accomplished! Keep reading and writing. I know my family is busy with soccer and dance and everything else, it is hard to stay on task after I leave school! It is worth it! The extra effort does pay off! Happy Sunshine to you all. Mrs. Sandbothe

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pence Pals Grants and a New Ipad too!!!

Thank you does not even cover how much our parent group means to us in Kindergarten. This week was an early Christmas. Thanks in part to all of the fund raising that our families have done, we were able to get 2 sets of nonfiction level 1 and sight word readers for our kids to use! Can you spot the readers? They are everywhere! Also we were able to receive an Ipad2 for our classroom use! This is exciting, the kids will work on learning responsibility and technology. This teacher will learn how to add more to the lessons and daily practice we do already! If you see a Pence Pal give them a big Thank you!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Mimio Teach comes to KS

Our classroom has had the privilege of recieving a mimio teach system. Our dry erase board is now an interactive whiteboard or a big computer screen! We have used it to graph our favorite colors this past week! We have also used it during math centers to play the Monster Squeeze game where each child has to guess the mystery number. It has been a great technology addition to our classroom and I am adding more and more technology to our daily learning each week. We have also added the weekly use of If you tried to use this over break, the password was not working, however the issues were taken care of! Please visit my class site in razkids, if you misplaced your password send me an email! The kids are able to access leveled readers to practice our strategies. We are moving right along into Quarter 2! Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Adventures in Kindergarten our day in pictures

Wednesday we went to Jefferson County Park! We had a great day and the weather was perfect! See our pictures!!! Upcoming dates: No school Wednesday November 21, teacher in-service No school Thursday or Friday November 22-23, Thanksgiving Holiday December 10 Winter Concert K-2 at the High School! Book orders Due today for both November and December! Enjoy the great weekend!